How to earn money fast with no investments

How to earn money fast with no investments
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I remember when I was like 14 years old I was seeking for an opportunity to earn some money on the internet. My problem at that time was that I couldn’t get any from my parents, so eventually I decided to find an easy way to make some money on my own without having to find a workplace like distributing newspapers or sorting products at a store or whatever job teens in my age would have had.

Back then I didn’t know much about programming and still had my ways high up after sometime for personal experience on how to improve my work and finally the monthly pay. At the end I had a monthly earning of about $100 per day it was somewhere between $3 – $4. You might think it’s really nothing special, but at the same time you have to think about it, you don’t invest more than an hour of work about every second day, you are at home and basically surfing on the internet while earning some money and lastly the money is real and is paid to your paypal (back then it was my parents paypal the money went to).

Easier to describe how much $100 per month for nothing is, can be done imagining you get a big new LED TV every 3 months, or you get a laptop / notebook or phone, you can even get a new Apple iPhone every time a new one comes out!

In this article I am going to show you how to fast with no investments.

Adfocus monthly earnings monthly earnings

Now you are probably interested in the way to go or better to say how I did it? Then read on and learn my dear friend.

What you need for this is 30 minutes each day of your time, you can do it less regularly but the earned money will be less, you can invest more time and the monthly payout will be even more. You are also going to need a PayPal account, in case you aren’t 18 years of age you can use someone else’s, whoever you trust. And finally the partner site, I have used a PPC () site called Why Adfocus? Well any other PPC doesn’t pay you if the visitor has got Adblock activated, you might think of something like adfly but even such a big site doesn’t pay you if the visitor doesn’t see the skippable ads because of their Adblocker, Adfocus however does.

Not just that, however Adfocus has descend payout rates and has a minimum payout of $10 which is achieved with ease in the very first month. Once you have everything Setup you will ask, so how do I get the traffic and visitors now? Well this is very simple to understand. What you need to do is get some of those videos where people come to download something. This can be a video, music or software. I started of with software like bot’s, wallet code gens, cheats for games the important thing was the video had to look legit which means it should be in a descend quality might have some narration (voice) in background.

Let’s pretend you have found some videos, now you are going to need a YouTube account to upload the content:

  1. Focus on the title, description and tags. It’s essential that the title is an eye catcher and the description mustn’t contain pure tags, otherwise you will get banned in no time. Write a legit text in the description section so it looks real (it doesn’t matter if your software for e.g. is actually working as you say). Lastly the tags should fit the content
  2. Now you want to create a simple web page. It can be any free website hosting with a website builder. The focus on this site is to create a page with the final download link which goes through Adfocus. (We have PPC links two times to earn more.)
  3. Now you take your created website post link and make an Adfocus shortened link for this one and paste it as a download link in your description on youtube.
  4. Done! Now you simply have to wait until the video becomes popular.
  5. To earn more you would need to repeat this step for more content and more channels as time after time the channel and videos get removed and you don’t want to be at a $0 earn again.

NOTE: Video views raise in a logistic growth, means the more views you have the more you get until finally everyone who was looking for that kind of video has seen it. For software videos you get up to 50,000 views per video. For music you get up to 1,000,000 views, you shouldn’t upload the full song as there has to be a reason for a download.

Another great video hoster is any popular porn site. For some strange reason you get a lot more downloads on those.

So this is pretty much everything for this Tutorial on how to earn money fast with no investments. Keep in mind that, the more videos you upload the more money you earn. This was just an example for a descend earning I had.

What are you waiting for? Share this article to your friends and start earning money together today!

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10 Replies to “How to earn money fast with no investments”

    1. Ok its me again, so as im trying it for a few days now. wanna say im already earning about 1$ a day. So from my pov its a very neat method cause i barely invest time and the earnings rise by themselves 😀

      1. Although I am curious on how people are making more than a dollar a day on there site. Because I currently have over 10000 clicks and I noticed I only have $0.7545 and that’s taking quite a bit longer than a day. It took me atleast a month now to get that much EVEN JUST THAT PORTION. I’m trying to figure out how people are making more than again $1 to $70 a day on there site. How do people pull that off? By the way, my country Is UNITED STATES.

        1. Hey there, as far as I remember the most important aspect is where the visitors are from. You get the most of it by focusing on US visitors. If you just stick to english you end up with all around the globe visitors.
          Unfortunately I cannot provide any more information as I quit this a very long time ago.

    1. including what author stated, fake software, music, funny videos, porn (wont work with youtube).
      Just make sure if you reupload something it’s changes so you dont get instaflagged.

  1. Hello again
    in case you are wondering I am earning about as much as you did (monthly).
    I should have discovered this method earlier.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello Ben,

      I just started uploading videos a few days ago. The problem is, I hardly get any views. The maximum amount of views I got so far is 25. It is quite annoying making “good” videos and seeing that people don’t click then.
      Maybe you have some tips for me? Would be nice.


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