HazardEdit’s Frequently asked Questions

Q: When should I start programming?
A: One day or day one. You decide.


Q: Do you have Computer Science as education?

A: No, it’s all selftaught. (Currently Studying Business IT.)


Q: How did you learn?

A: Learning by doing, having reference on the internet.


Q: Did it take a long time to learn?

A: It depends on how much you want to learn and your own abilities.


Q: How can I start Webdesign / Programming?

A: Get a book for beginners and don’t ask to many questions, just start. Oh and watch this!


Q: How long have you been Programming?

A: Programming, since 2013.


Q: How old are you?

A: I am 20 years old.


Q: Do you think I can get as good as you?

A: You can get better because I am a lazy-ass and I am not that good as you think, I just have a channel which makes me look better than I am.


Q: Do I have to be a total computer nerd?

A: No, you don’t. I am not a computer nerd.


Q: Do I have to be good at math?

A: No, but it could be helpful. You shouldn’t be a retard though. But good at logical thinking.