Programs & Tools

Email Bomber v2.0

With this tool you can Bomb someones Mail Inbox. The Application is user-friendly so you shouldm`t have problems using it.

HazardEdit’s Random Code Generator v1.2

This simple and free tool generates any codes for you and your likings.

HazardEdit’s Program Starter (Console Application) v1.1

This cool program lets you live without desktop shortcuts or a start menu because you simply type your own choosen command in the commandline and it runs the linked program. The programs can be added and viewed inside the console window or manually
in the setup folder.

HazardEdit’s TextFile Lines Reader

Many of you guys might not understand the use for this program, but when you work with tags, and at this point I am talking about really a lot of lines. Not a 100MB file neither 1GB I am talking about 1 000 000 000 000 Lines of tags and a file size
of 50GB. There is no TextEditor that could possibly open that size of file. But you still wanna know what is inside. Therefore i#I developed this program, that let’s you open the file starting from a line and ending at a line. It displays it in
the textbox (opening depends on the speed of your computer) and let’s you save it to another .txt file. If you think there is a use for you in this program, then here it is… FOR FREE!

Tools / Libraries
Program Screenshot Version Download
Random Code Generator
Program Starter
Text File Lines Reader
Keyword Parser
Process ID Info
Antigate Checker
Serial Key Manager
HWID, Hash, AES Library (HazardEdit.Tools.dll)

Language Title Download
C# Safest Login System (AES Encryption)
C# Safest Login System (AES Encryption, MachineGUID)
C# UDP Packet sender
C# XML Parser / Auto Updater
C# MySQL Login System
C# Phisher (vulnerability testing) Project
VB Safest Login System
C++ simple Keylogger
C++ simple Login System
PHP Login System MySQL and Cookies
PHP User Profile Page System
PHP Secure Login Implementation
C# Flashcards
C# AC Aimbot