Earn money with Redworx Software Affiliate Program

I have created this post back in 2017 and since then many people managed to take the advantage of using this method to generate additional easy income and even did better than I ever did. However, although this method is still fully working becoming an affiliate of the software provider redworx.net is still possible, my guide has become outdated in terms of images and instructions. Therefore today you are reading the updated new guide of 2020. This includes updated text and images I am going to create a tutorial video as well for this post.

Today I have another interesting method for earning money online with no financial investments for you. The method is an affiliate program method. All you basically need to do is register at my buddys website and get traffic on your affiliate links. In this text I will be going more into detail on how to actually generate traffic and attract only the right people who are looking for a paid product. Read more [...]

How to earn money fast with no investments

How to earn money fast with no investments
Pictures of Money (Money) – https://www.flickr.com/photos/pictures-of-money/17123251389/

I remember when I was like 14 years old I was seeking for an opportunity to earn some money on the internet. My problem at that time was that I couldn’t get any from my parents, so eventually I decided to find an easy way to make some money on my own without having to find a workplace like distributing newspapers or sorting products at a store or whatever job teens in my age would have had.

Back then I didn’t know much about programming and still had my ways high up after sometime for personal experience on how to improve my work and finally the monthly pay. At the end I had a monthly earning of about $100 per day it was somewhere between $3 – $4. You might think it’s really nothing special, but at the same time you have to think about it, you don’t invest more than an hour of work about every second day, you are at home and basically surfing on the internet while earning some money and lastly the money is real and is paid to your paypal (back then it was my parents paypal the money went to).

Easier to describe how much $100 per month for nothing is, can be done imagining you get a big new LED TV every 3 months, or you get a laptop / notebook or phone, you can even get a new Apple iPhone every time a new one comes out! Read more [...]

Detect counterfeit money and other furgery with a smartphone

Hello fellow visitors! Check out this new video about detection of counterfeit money and other furgery with a smartphone. I think it is crazy what we can create with our knowledge these days.

Wow it seems like we have just arrived in the future! With the new technology these days it is already possible to detect counterfeit money and other furgery with a smartphone. I also liked the hidden QR Codes part in the video since it is useful to hide links from others when they are meant to be shown to a selected person.
However there will always be ways to make it hard to detect counterfeit money and other furgery especially with a smartphone. I believe you will need the latest smartphone technology anyways so if you hesitate on spending a lot of money on a new smartphone you will most likely not be able to detect counterfeit money and other furgery with a smartphone.

Malware spreading through HTML5 resources


Recently it was found that there is Malware spreading through HTML5 resources very easily and most importantly everything happens undetected by antivirus systems.

A group of Italian researchers has proposed three new obfuscation techniques that can deceive virus scanners and successfully spread malware by drive-by. The techniques are based on the new standards of HTML5; the authors explain the scientific work. In their view, the increase of Malware is explained with the introduction of new web technologies. Read more [...]