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Dear Visitors and Subscribers this Text is not updated, it was written by me in 2013. But you can still read it as it is.

I do many things in online business. For example, the topic I started off in online business was “Edits” of Call of Duty clips. As I wasn’t as good as I hoped and wanted to be, I switched over to “GFX” also known as “Graphic Design”. Sadly I got
bored of that really. Also another reason for stopping that was, that YouTube always changes the YouTube design, and each change makes it worse than the design they had before. I’m still into GFX but If you ask me for something I could mostly be
too lazy to create stuff in it. The only direction I use my GFX knowledge is Web design, basically, the stuff I do most at the moment since I’ve started working on my ability of creation on this topic. So if you have any requests about Web design,
as HTML & CSS, feel free to ask me. Also, stuff I’m doing is programming. Usually programming in the languages: Visual Basic, C++ (currently learning this language) and C#.

If you are here to learn something, feel free to check out my tutorial videos, link to my channel is below. But you can also find all my playlists which I try to update regularly in the Tutorial section.

Another hint I can give you if you want to start learning a programming language, don’t watch those tutorial videos. If you watch tutorials, it’s good, but only if you need something special. If you want to learn something you want to work with texts.
The best thing you can do to get more programming knowledge, is buying a book about that. Try to find a book that has good ratings (like a book from the online shop “amazon”), also make sure your book contains exercises, as this is the most important
part of a book!

Information: book sites in the sidebar 😉

I hope all these hints were interesting and also hopefully very useful for your own experience. I hope you will get to feel your success on having done something and taught something to yourself. I have a brilliant feeling telling other people how
they can improve their learning style, as I noticed it when I changed the learning strategy.

I wish you all best and good luck with learning what ever your goal is to learn!

With best Regards

Signed by HazardEdit

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