Earn money with Redworx Software Affiliate Program

Today I have another interesting method for earning money online with no financial investments for you. The method is an affiliate program method. All you basically need to do is register at my buddys website and get traffic on your affiliate links. In this text I will be going more into detail on how to actually generate traffic and attract only the right people who are looking for a paid product.

Regardless of whether you are into the Counter Strike: Global Offensive gaming scene or not you can either way make use of this method and earn the same amount of money.

To go into further detail, the website we are looking at provides CS:GO Cheat for the game named above. Neither you have to know much about cheats for games.

The first thing you have to do is visiting the website https://redworx.net/ there you have to

register a simple user account. For this you have to hover about Account and then click My Account.

Since you most likely do not have an account it is going to ask you to register. Fill out the two boxes and click register.

Now click on !

In the menu section and you will be redirected to the affiliate information page.

To sum up what it says:

  • 15% cut from each sale of your referral
  • €20 minimum payout rate (don’t worry about currencies at this point)
  • Different payout methods such as PayPal, Skrill, CS:GO Skins, Steam Gift Cards


The cheat is sold for €24.99 for 1 year or €29.99 for 1 year. Those are two different pieces of software but that doesn’t matter to us as we get paid for either one of those. So with 15% we earn approximately €4 at average.


Now go ahead and create your affiliate link by clicking apply here.

Now you will have to fill out the affiliate registration form.

Note that the only valid information you need to enter is your full name (matching your PayPal or Skrill) and email for PayPal or Skrill.

Now you can follow to My Affiliate. If it will still ask you to register as affiliate although you already did it, you will have to log out and login again.

Good. Once you have set up your account, you want to grab your affiliate link since this is what you are going to need to let the website know where your customer came from and that it is your referral.

Now it looks like this.

So how do we get the customers coming? Well this requires some time, looking at this topic we have to differ between the possible traffic stream which are potential customers and users looking for free software or cheats or hacks, you get the point.

The users looking only for free stuff will play a more important role in the YouTube traffic gathering method.

Let’s look at the methods we have:

  • YouTube videos about the cheat (require owning CS:GO and the cheat (or open an insecure lobby and record videos with the free cheat but don’t show the UI since the features are similar))
  • Posting links on related cheating and game hacking websites
  • Creating an own website with a link to the cheat

From my point of view the YouTube method is the most profitable, however it requires owning the game and the cheat. In my case I own both so it wouldn’t be a problem to record some gameplay with the cheat and upload it to YouTube with posting my link.

On the YouTube method the users looking for free stuff are essential as the video has to get going to rank higher on the tags: csgo cheats, private cheat for counter strike global offensive etc.

After the video is up to a few hundred to a thousand views, I suggest removing the words free from the title if you had any so we can focus on the potential customers only. Alternatively we can let the video gain more traffic by leaving it as is, it’s up to you to decide.

Concluding the YouTube method, after sometime we will have a noticeable cash stream if we create a few more videos and channels promoting the link.

Creating a website for the referral link is the second best method as it requires a little investment for a decent domain name at least. A possible topic for the website would be a cheat comparison or recommendation or tutorial on how to choose the right cheat. Obviously the main aspect of that website should be our affiliate cheat provider since we want to earn some money from that. So either way we want to make stand out as a cheat provider for example for the price and undetection against VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), variety of features nice support and what not.

The posting links on cheat related website is less favorable since many websites don’t like these kinds of posts as they seem to be really spammy and could get removed. Maybe you can try leave a positive review on a site like elitepvpers I believe they don’t delete posts like these.

I hope you liked this little guide. Good luck 🙂

You can also create a reselling website for the whole project. http://csgo-cheats.net/

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