Get rid of Hard Drive Space Eating Virus

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This post will be about how to get rid of the Eating , however before we know what to look for and what to remove, we need to know what it does.

The Get rid of Space Eating Virus is usually a program which is working in the background on your system (in case you got one) and creates files on your . During this process which is positive at anytime your computer is running it can have different techniques and types of running stages in connection to creating trashfiles on your computer.

So there are a few ways the virus could be trashing your system. The first one would be to create files from time to time. This makes it really hard to find out what process is creating the trashfiles.

The other option is it creates many files constantly which means it is creating small files really fast. This makes it easier to track the process which is causing this trouble.

There is also the option to create small files or big files. Obviously, if the process is creating smaller files from time to time, it will be harder to trace it with the method in this tutorial.

So let’s get to the tracking method already:

  1. Open the start menu and search for “resmon.exe”.
  2. Next you need to go to the “Disk” section. 
  3. Now you can see how many bites each process reads and writes per second.
  4. Using my Process Info Tool and the Process ID on the right, next to the process name you can find out more information about the process and kill it if you don’t recognize it as an important process.
  5. In my case, the suspicious process “cavwp.exe” with the ID “916” came out to be a harmless COMODO security process.

I hope this helps you to find and remove the virus from your computer. If you still haven’t found it because of what ever reason you can go ahead and try out the Process Explorer Tool next.

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